4 Body Areas Women Consider More Arousing Than the G-Spot!

I take it, you have probably heard of the G-spot thus far. However, what you might not have heard that aside from the Women Arousing G- pot, women have many other spots which earned their respective letter.

From the A-spot to the O-spot, a woman’s body is more sexually charged than you think. Mastering the right technique of stimulation requires patience and dedication, but nothing too demanding to learn. Yes, you can easily find your way around these spots and learn how to provide your partner with new levels of pleasure.

If you are eager to know more, read on as we list the most sexually-favorable spots in a woman’s body.

The A-spot

The A-spot lies 5-6 inches inside the vaginal wall, right ahead of the cervix. Interestingly, this spot will not get stimulated during vaginal sex, but it definitely will during anal.

If you are going forward with it, make sure your partner is relaxed, and your pace slow and soothing.

The O-Spot

If you can find your way to the G-spot you can continue to move and find the O-spot. Once you get to the G, rotate your finger, placing it against the opposite wall and perhaps deeper. This is a spongy area in the vagina that you can stimulate together with the G-spot.

To get into it, place one hand atop the other, and insert both middle fingers inside the vagina. Moving them in opposite directions will tease both vaginal walls, which will likely lead to a double orgasm.

Oh, the delight!

Cervical Orgasm

A cervical orgasm is pretty common during delivery. Many pregnant women find the lubrication and delivery arousing, and orgasm without even intending to. However, not just for the mothers-to-be, you can actually stimulate the cervix with penile penetration. Located deeper inside the vagina, the cervix feels as if you are touching the smooth tip-of-your-nose surface.

When aroused, the cervix will lift up, but you can easily reach it. The best time to try it is during ovulation when the cervix is the most engorged.

If you cannot reach the spot, you can use a vibrator and follow your partner’s instructions.

Pelvic Muscles

Believe it or not, pelvic muscles can be stimulated enough to provoke a shattering orgasm in women. Depending on their strength and vitality, the pelvic muscles will respond to activation easily. As they surround the vagina, pelvic muscles are responsible for orgasm contractions. The best way to activate them is though Kegel exercises, done with vaginal weights.

When inserting the balls, lubricate well and stimulate the G-spot simultaneously.

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