4 Reasons Why Women Think You Suck in Bed!

Sometimes, the best way to find out where you stand on the scale of great lovers is to take a woman’s advice. As much as you consider yourself a sex god, there are plenty of things you could be also doing wrong. Typically, women refrain from vocalizing what bothers them during sex, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing to say (or complain about).

So what is it that irritates women in bed the most? Here are 4 sex pet peeves that are downright turn-off during sex, Women Think You Suck in Bed!

Why Women Think You Suck in Bed: Timing!

Nothing says bad love-making like cutting sexual pleasure short. Unless we are talking about a quickie, it is almost rude to chase after your own pleasure without giving your partner the time to find her own. As you know, women take more time to build arousal and orgasm, so taking your time getting there is always recommended. Chances are, if you keep your sexual adventures anywhere between 10 minutes and half an hour, you are not doing much good of a job.

Something’s Not Right!

Women love having sex as much as men do, but sometimes, little distractions can kill the buzz. And sometimes, it is no so much so about the distractions around you, but the little quirky things you like doing in bed, but she doesn’t. Are you an annoying toe-sucker? Are your fetishes trumping your foreplay? Even something as simple as having bad breath can put your woman off the mood for sex.

Why Women Think You Suck in Bed: It Just Doesn’t Click!

Even if you are doing a solid job in bed, some things can still feel forced or incompatible. Women oftentimes cannot hide their displeasure in bed, so think about what you might be doing wrong. Is foreplay taking too long? Is there enough foreplay to begin with? Does she want to switch positions? If you lack the right answer, the wisest thing to do in this case is to ask and work your way from there.

Taking Too Much Time!

You are already in bed, getting things on a roll. However, you suddenly remember you didn’t get the lube. Next thing you know, you are back in bed, but you forgot to turn off the lights, or get the vibrator, or take off your socks. Whatever it is that is stealing your time from having actual sex can be really off-putting to women. To avoid this rookie mistake, next time, keep all needful things close and your pleasure even closer.

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