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Whether for a dinner date, a party, or a private date at your home, booking an escort is always a pleasurable and sophisticated experience. Escorts are a professional company that offers a variety of services, all carried out with utmost discretion, privacy and pleasure. 

If you are considering booking an escort for the first time, the following tips and tricks will help you choose the perfect date for you. 

1. Choose Your Escort Agency

Unlike private escorts, agency-based escorts are much more safe and secure to book. For one, escort agencies, such as ours, have plenty of experience in professional dating and can help you choose the ideal date for you. Next, escort agencies offer various types of services and packages, as well as booking discounts and promotions. 

One of the important things about escort agencies is that they work under standardized terms and guarantee you full discretion during your date. Also, escort agencies will always ensure all your questions regarding your date are answered in detail. Finally, if you have any special requests for your escort date, an agency will always meet you halfway and match you up with the best date possible.

2. Visit Their Website

Most escort agencies have their respective websites where you can learn more about the booking process. Through an agency’s website, you can meet all available escorts, read about their services as well as all client reviews. Escort agency websites oftentimes allow you to book an escort online, by simply emailing the agency and specifying your date requests. 

3. Escort Date Payment

Most escort agencies and their respective escorts work with cash-only payment. When it comes to paying your escort cash, the best way to do it is within the first 10 minutes of your date and discreetly. That said, it is considered bad manners to just hand over the money to your escort date. To avoid offending your date, place the payment in an envelope and leave it on the nightstand for your escort to collect.

Tips are usually left up to the clients, but every experienced client knows, tipping an escort is quite important. That said, the best time to tip your escort is after your date finishes and in the same fashion as paying your standard date fee.

4. Be Your Best Self

Technicalities aside, all escorts appreciate a well-mannered client who is both courteous and open-minded. That said, avoid judging your escort date and steer clear from using foul language around her. Keep in mind that escorts take plenty of time to prepare for each client, so consider giving her a few compliments and thanking her for the service, too.

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