Types of Sex Experiences! (vol.2)

In your lifetime, you have probably had your fair share of sex experiences- the good and the bad. Nevertheless, it is these sexual experiences that give us the versatility to tell great sex form not-as-great one. Sometimes, it doesn’t even take that many sex partners to experience all kinds of sex there are out there. 

Interestingly, experiences are what we all have in common on the topic of sex, and below we discuss 5 more common ones.

Sex Experiences: Stress Relief!

Many lovers use sex as a way of letting go off certain stress or anxiety. If you have been one of them, you know all about this kind of sex. You aren’t thinking of anything else at the moment but the idea of having sex. And while it might seem alienating, stress-relief sex can harvest plenty of benefits for your emotional vitality as well as your partner’s.

Make-up Sex!

Nothing says partying in bed quite like a hot argument followed by some rolling in the sheets right after. After-fighting sex can be a great way to let off some steam and make up for all the yelling and bickering. It is hot, unanticipated and always raunchy enough for your wicked taste. However, the thing about make-up sex is to never overuse it; as it might become an unhealthy practice of swiping your relationship problems under the rug.  

Sex Experiences: Pity!

It doesn’t happen often that you get to have pity sex but has been known as a popular scenario among many. Pity sex doesn’t have to do with actual pity, but it can also be a state where you don’t want to have sex, but have it to make your partner feel better about themselves. Usually, this type of sex can be very rewarding in terms of making your partner happy; but unless it is a kink of yours, it won’t do much to keep you sexually fulfilled. 


The sensual kind of sex can either be the best experience you have had or a really slow and boring one. Sensual sex is all about uncovering your body’s responses to sexual stimulation in a paced and controlled way. If you are interested in dynamics, sensual sex won’t do you any favors. But, if you care to take your time and take it slow, you’ll surely appreciate its pace. 

Sex Experiences: Quickie!

Whether we are too stressed or we simply want something out of the blue, a quickie always serves its purpose. Quickies are that wild and unexpected sex we all dream of having- the one where you cannot even take your clothes off to do it. You find yourself in a rush for erotic pleasure and the faster you find it, the more satisfying the quickie.

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/melanie-berliet/2015/03/10-different-types-of-sex-every-long-term-couple-has/

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