Too Much Sex: Is There Such a Thing?

How much sex is having sex enough? Can you go overboard? And, what if you do?

Let me start off by saying that sex is one of the most primal practices in humans. The need for works as almost an instinct, an urge, if you will. All in the natural scope of things, it can be pretty friggin’ amazing. However, for the true fans of regular (and great!) sex, there is one inevitable question to ask.

Can you have too much?

Looking at it from a scientific point of view, happiness doesn’t have to do with how often you engage in sex. People who have it more than twice a week, for instance, are not more content than those who have sex once per week. Simple as that.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about hypersexuality.

Hypersexuality is the intensified need to have sex, to the point when it becomes close to a reflex. The condition itself a serious sex issue, and manifests by:

  • Getting out of control, sexually.
  • Have an uncontrollable desire for sex.
  • Filling out a void, mostly due to loneliness.

Sex addiction often has to do with a broken emotional side in a person. To find out whether you belong to this group, try answering these questions:

  • Can I manage my sexual impulses?
  • Are my sexual behaviors upsetting to me?
  • Can my sexual behavior hurt my relationships, affect my work, or get me in trouble with the law?

The depth of your answers will at least help you get an idea on how you perceive and practice sex.

So, How Much is Enough Sex?

he average engagements in sexual activities is 80 times a year for those in their 20s, and 20 times a year for those in their 60s.

As for the healthy amount of sex, as per expert Barry McCarthy, once or twice a week is the closest to a healthy sex life. Of course, during the infatuation stage, couples will likely have more sex than later in life.

Still, this does not mean to completely transform your sex habits but find a way to make it exciting. If you feel like sex is no fun anymore, you can engage in other sexual stimulation, without actually having it. From sexting to phone foreplay and flirting, it is often the neglected things about sex which we miss the most. 

Keep in mind, it should be thrilling, desirable and pleasant, so let anything other than that have you draw a red line.


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