The Proper Way to Explore the GFE with an Escort!

For countless clients, The Girlfriend Experience, or the GFE is one of the best services to use when booking professionals for a date. The Girlfriend Experience is unlike any other service; as it ensures you a longer company from your escort and a real feel of a relationship, minus the commitment. So, without the drama and with all the privacy and time you can get, the GFE offers loads of creative options.

Making the most of the experience is always advised and here are ways to do it.

Hourly Basis is Not the Way to Go

Booking the GFE should not be an hour or two experience. Instead, you should take the entire day and avoid booking by hourly rates. With an overnight stay, for example, you can actually get a package service; which comes cheaper than booking by the hour. Also, when booking the GFE, you want to ensure you and your date have lots of activities to do together and time to hang out in private, too.

Leave Shyness at the Door

When booking the GFE, shyness and reservation should be the last things on your mind. As you are here to maximize your pleasure, don’t beat around the subject. Instead, be upfront with your escort, so you can find common grounds and agree on the course of your date accordingly. An escort won’t be shy in front of you and will always have consideration for your desires. She will likely have boundaries as well, as will you, so talk it out as soon as you meet, thus avoiding misunderstandings.

Drinking Spoils the Fun

Whilst one or two drinks are okay to have ahead or during your date; ideally over a meal, excessive alcohol consumption will not allow you to properly enjoy your date. Keep in mind that when it comes to liquor; your escort might not be keen on drinking, so allow her to choose her own drink and avoid being pushy about it.
A drunk client is not an ideal GFE scenario, as you’ll be sobering up for most of your date.

A Holiday?

The greatest thing about the Girlfriend Experience is that you can take your escort places. Be it a weekend away, or a summer holiday at an exclusive resort; a GFE escort will always accompany you and ensure your time off and together is everything you envisioned. When it comes to holidays or longer GFE arrangements; it is best to book them a month ahead of time, or sooner, so your favourite date can make herself available to accompany you worldwide.