Tantric Sex: 5 Secrets for a Sexual Revelation!

Tantric sexhas one mission and one mission only – to provide you with an enlightening and electric sexual awakening! Spiritual in some ways, much like yoga and meditation, Tantric sex takes some time to master.

Aside from igniting your bedroom on fire, Tantric sex introduce a philosophy that reflects on your everyday life as well. If you have the patience and encouragement to give Tantric sex a try, you should know persistence is the key.

But, if done right, the results will bring you closer to your erotic peak and satisfaction.

For beginners and eager sex students, here are 5 useful tips for the best tantric sex experience!

1. Tantric Sex: Breathing!

Not a particularly sexual technique, proper breathing is essential in Tantric sex. Aside from getting your body relaxed and cleansing your mind, suit breaths during sex can heighten your erotic thrill and the power of your orgasm.

Taking long, deep breaths and allowing them to run like a current through your body will make you aware of every sexual delight coming your way. Oh, you can expect plenty of those!

2. A Temple of Sexual Pleasure

Getting into the mood for sex begins in the bedroom. Make this safe haven your own oasis of eroticism. Fill it with chocolates, candles, flowers, fruits and essential oils as reinforcement. Pay attention to what you wear- even if it is only a robe, choose a delicate, silky one. It works!

3. Awaken Your Body

When going forward with Tantric sex, choose music that will get your body moving. As the music plays, relax and breathe through the mouth, sending your breaths to your belly button. Proceed to awaken your body by shaking it entirely for one whole minute. Then, get into a lovemaking position and invite your partner to come and join you for a wild ride ahead!

4. Tantric Sex: Rocking!

To understand how sex connects to your body, take a seat on the bed or the floor. Face your partner and have them sit over your lap. Close your eyes and feel out the energy of the room. Begin rocking your body while sending your breaths below your belly button. Inhale and rock your body by pushing your chest upfront and rock back as you exhale.

In doing so, engage all pelvic muscles and relax them as you exhale.

5. A Tantric Kiss

With your partner on your lap, rock together and engage into a kiss. The point of this kissing session is to exchange breaths as you rock back and forth. You’d be surprised to learn how much something as ‘simple’ as kissing can excite your crotch.

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