How to Turn Solo Play into a Steamy Party for Two?

Is your sex life missing that real connection and intimacy? We have just the thing to keep things hot for days to come. Introducing the raunchiest foreplay tactic of all- mutual masturbation!

Typically, masturbation is a solo activity you enjoy in your own company. But, according to sexperts, you can double the pleasure of it by inviting your date or partner to join the fun! If you were wondering how to properly introduce joint masturbation to the bedroom, here are all the tips you need!

The Benefits of Joint Masturbation

Interestingly, there are countless benefits that stem from pleasuring yourself in front of your sex partner and vice versa. Some of the more notable perks include:

  • Increased intimacy and bonding
  • Visual and vocal stimulation
  • Power of performing and learning about yours and your partner’s pleasure
  • An exhibition that increases your excitement and chemistry
  • A one-on-one class on what makes you orgasm and feel good
  • Great for physical distancing activities

The Mutual Masturbation Tips You Need

To ensure your masturbation party goes well for both you and your woman, try incorporating these helpful tips:

  • Set the scene in accordance with what you both like to do when masturbating alone.
  • Bring out your favorite toys and lube up whenever needed.
  • Play your favorite adult movies for additional stimulation.
  • Talk dirty to each other while masturbating, or read hot erotica to one another.
  • Take turns to watch and pleasure yourselves.
  • Change positions. You don’t always have to start or end things in bed.
  • Focus on the experience, and exclude penetrative sex for the time being.
  • Come closer to each other without touching or interfering in your self-pleasuring. 
  • Tease yourself, rather than just chasing your orgasm.
  • Play with edging, which can help you time your orgasm to your woman’s.
  • Do it over the phone or on video.
  • Use app-controlled sex toys that will make you part of your partner’s experience.
  • Go into role-playing but stick to masturbation only.
  • Hit the shower, your car, or do get outside for an extra layer of thrill.
  • Make it a game where you race to orgasm through pleasure.
  • Let your date or partner take control over your masturbation and do the same for them.
  • Make a naughty video of the action. Going on record (even if for an hour) will give you plenty of arousal to work with.
  • Try wearing a condom to enhance the effect of your edge play or pleasure yourself while clothed. 

Feels nice, doesn’t it?


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