5 Extra Tips for the Steamiest Shower Sex!

Having sex in the shower is one of the hottest scenarios that can happen. However, unlike what you see in the movies, shower sex is not always as smooth in real life. From slippery tiles to not having enough room to move inside the shower, the challenges can be tricky. But, if you are determined to make shower sex work, you can!

To prove just that, here are 5 sexy tips that will set your shower cabin on fire!

Shower Sex: Pause the Idea of Intercourse!

Despite being the main objective of sex, intercourse is the last thing you’d want to try in the shower. Instead, do all sexy things that lead up to it and use the shower as your foreplay ground. You can engage in oral sex, kiss, stimulate one another, and use waterproof toys in the shower. I guarantee you, soapy foreplay will do more for your orgasm than actual penetration will.

Washing Each Other!

If you care for intimacy, bonding, and closeness, a great tip to try in the shower is to wash your partner’s body and have them return the favor. Being washed is kind of a private experience, so trusting a woman to do it can be very arousing and personal. As you want to do the same for your partner or date, enhance your body-washing skills by also giving her a massage. 

Shower Sex: Standing-up Positions!

If you do opt for penetration during shower sex, you will have to come up with suitable positions. For instance, if your shower is tall, standing positions will work best. Here, you can try the standing doggy style or the one-leg-up position. If your shower is smaller, you should consider taking things to the floor and engage in some lotus or classic doggy.


Just because you are in the shower doesn’t mean you won’t need additional lubricant. Unlike water, oil-based or silicone-based lubes provide a different kind of wetness- the one that creates sexual arousal and stimulation. Keep in mind that when choosing a lubricant, you want it to be free of parabens, glycerin, and petrochemicals.

In case you are using a condom in the shower, silicone lube works better than oil-based lubes, which can damage the latex. 

Shower Sex: Waterproof Toys!

Let your time under the shower count as a full steamy session and bring out the waterproof sex toys! If you don’t have any waterproof toys, you can use props such as binds and cushions, or play with temperature.   

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