4 Bedroom Scenarios That Can Suddenly Spoil the Sex!

Having a healthy and active sex life is the ultimate goal for both men and women. With men, great sex is always about feeling comfortable, desired and occasionally bringing steamy fantasies into the mix. However, even if so, some of your wildest fantasies can go sour pretty quickly.

Sure, sex desire is fine on paper, but in practice, even something as common as a blowjob can turn your experience from good to not-so-pleasant.

Below, we list 4 sexy scenarios that oftentimes look alluring, but can easily Spoil the Sex.

The Wrong Side of Blowjobs!

It’s true, men go crazy for blowjobs, and the more extreme versions of it, such as deep-throating. However, when going for the latter, things can oftentimes go wrong, mostly because of a woman’s gag reflex.

When you push a tad too far, what was supposed to be a great blowjob can turn to a vomit-and-saliva mess. If you want to stay on the ‘cleaner’ side, keep deep-throating for another time and avoid going through with it after a meal.

Whoops, Wrong Hole!

Mistaking the vagina for the anus is not always deliberate, but quite plausible to happen. Heck, not only is it possible, but a sudden backdoor penetration can be pretty painful for the woman, too.

Typically, a mistake like this one can happen due to excessive lubrication, with your penis wandering off to uncharted territories. So, unless you planned on mixing things up, be careful not to cause unwanted harm to your partner.

Spoil the Sex: A Sloppy Handjob!

It’s not that women don’t understand the technicalities revolving a handjob, it’s just that men know their penis far better. A sloppy handjob can be a real turnoff in bed, especially if a woman doesn’t do it at the pace or tempo you’d imagined.

However, keep in mind that, while you are a fan of a rewarding handjob, your partner can’t read your mind or guess what you’re after. So, if you are looking forward to an orgasmic handjob, you’ll have to speak up on how you want it done.

Spoil the Sex: Stone Cold!

When men think of sex, they usually have an explosive passion and raging lust in mind. However, sometimes, they will come across a sex partner who isn’t willing to play along in bed. Instead, the woman will just lie on the bed, expecting you to do all the work.

Okay, unless we are talking about a dom-sub scenario, an unmoving body in bed can be a great disappointment. The best way to fix the issue, however, is to be upfront and encouraging about it.

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