Spicy Quality Time with Yourself (vol.2)

As much as you like the physical and emotional relief that comes with masturbation, that’s not all there is to it. Self-pleasuring is a great way to also learn how your body responds to different sexual stimulations, and if you never took the time for it, you better start now. Masturbation is a healthy practice that helps you become a better lover, test your boundaries to pleasure and spend some much-deserved time with yourself. Sadly, not many men give masturbation the benefit of the doubt and usually tend to skip to the grand finale.

However, playing with yourself is sometimes better than the real thing, and here are 4 more tricks to prove that, spicy quality time with yourself!

The Hand Switch!

All men have a preferred hand with which they masturbate, and that can make your masturbation dull and routine-based. If you want to get a whole new feel of yourself, try switching your hands when masturbating. And while you are going solo, the strangeness of your less use hand will actually feel like another person’s touch. As for your busier hand, you can now use it to tease your nipples, or just feel yourself up. Wink, wink.

Spicy Quality Time with Yourself: The Sleeve!

If you are craving a more real feeling than masturbation, get yourself a masturbation sleeve. Whether a fleshlight or a silicone vagina, solo sex toys are great to use when you want to try something new and exciting. With so many toys to choose from, don’t limit your choices to just one, but experiment and see what sticks. Of course, once you use your toys, make sure you clean it well, just to avoid unwanted infections.

The Ballers!

Aside from the perineum, penis and anal play, you should always give your testicles some TLC. The testicles can be stimulated in a variety of ways, including with a vibrating sex toy, with a massage or with anything that makes you feel good, really. As the sack is very responsive to stimulation and arousal, you can expect bombastic orgasms by the end of your solo session.

Spicy Quality Time with Yourself: Extremes!

Usually, when we masturbate, we are at our most liberated self. This is a good thing and it can help you build excitement, arousal, and adrenaline. Masturbating is not always about the deed, but rather, the surroundings. Therefore, if you need an extra shot of arousal, stand near your window when masturbating or do it someplace risky, like your car or the closet. But, no one likes being busted, so make sure you are always on the safe side.

Source: https://www.menshealth.com.au/masturbation-new-secrets?category=sex

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