Spicy Quality Time with Yourself (vol.1)

It is just a dang shame that men often underappreciate the beauty of a proper self-pleasuring. Giving yourself a much-deserved orgasm can clear your focus and help you learn more about what feels good. Plus, when you masturbate with dedication and enjoyment, you learn how to use pleasure to its limits and love it as well!

If you haven’t heard it so far, there are plenty of other ways to masturbate other than on the toilet seat, in the shower and under your blanket. To enjoy a through-and-through experience, here are 8 different ways in which you can masturbate and Spicy Quality Time with Yourself!  

Include the Perineum!

Just rubbing one off will do you justice, but if you have extra time to get busy with yourself, try stimulating your perineum. It is located between the penis and the anus and usually, you can feel a small bump which, when stimulated, gives you a sensational feeling. To boost your pleasure more, use a vibrating sex toy to hit the right spot.

Spicy Quality Time with Yourself: Backdoor Business!

If you haven’t tried anal play while masturbating, you are missing out! Anal play can be a number of things- from using plugs to just teasing the area with a toy. Nevertheless, as much as men hate to admit it, there is something so forbidden but oh-so-good about exploring that feel-good spot. Come on, now, drop the prejudice and have some fun with yourself.


No same move during masturbation will give you the same body response. That is why it is recommended you switch things up from time to time. For instance, if your grip is usually looser, make it firmer next time. Also, play with rotation and pulling, both of which can make you feel good in very different ways. The same thing also goes for speed, and if you ask me, rushing into it is just silly. Take the time.

Spicy Quality Time with Yourself: Edging!

Yes, most of the time, men don’t enjoy the well-known quickie masturbation technique. But as much as 5 minutes do you justice, there is something to be said of taking things slow. This is the perfect time to try edging, and see where your endurance stands. In edging, the trick is to always masturbate until you bring yourself to an almost-orgasm state. Once there, stop everything and breathe out. Once at ease, work yourself again and keep that dynamic for as long as you can take it.

Source: https://www.menshealth.com.au/masturbation-new-secrets?category=sex

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