7 Obvious Signs of Sexual Attraction You Should Know!

It is difficult to explain how sexual tension feels, but we have all experienced it at some point in our lives. Sexual attraction is not only uncommon but it is a sensation that you instantly recognize. And while feeling the hots for someone is one thing, sexual tension clicks differently.

Can’t be sure if sparks are flying all around you? Here are 7 unmistakable signs of sexual attraction!

Sexual Attraction: Eye Contact!

A continuous eye contact that doesn’t bend out of place is a clear sign of sexual appeal toward someone. Many people feel exposed whenever making eye contact, so if you find yourself locking eyes with someone, the spark is likely there.

It is a Bit Awkward!

Sexual tension can, unfortunately, make regular conversations slightly odd and awkward. Simply, the body feels you are attracted to someone, so reasonable thinking is gone for the moment. No worries, though, these freaky little moments are what helps cut the sudden charge of lust.

Butterflies in Your Stomach!

Whenever someone is sexually appealing, you get this light and buzzing feeling of butterflies in your stomach. The idea of this person makes you feel warm and tense at the same time, and you cannot wait to have them in your arms.

Sexual Attraction: Grooming!

You can easily tell if you are sexually attracted by someone by the way you look and act around them. Whenever people feel a sexual spark, they need to make themselves wanted by their crush, meaning they will try to look, feel, and smell their best. Are you catching yourself putting on your favorite boxers? Exactly. 


The person who drives you erotically will be the one occupying all of your naughty fantasies. It doesn’t matter whether you can be with this person or not- you simply know they fulfill a certain fantasy in your mind. Aside from fantasizing about all the steamy bits, don’t be surprised if your brain goes daydreaming, too!

Sexual Attraction: Getting Close!

One of the signs of an obvious sexual chemistry is the need to get physically closer to your crush. You want to feel their skin; their hair, you want to touch their arm, or hug them. You also keep finding yourself staring at their lips, imagining a juicy kiss…you know how it goes. 

Body Language!

Although your mind won’t show that you are sexually attracted to someone, your body likely will. Body language is very responsive when you are physically drawn to someone, so you can find yourself fixing your hair, pushing your chest up or licking your lips...all sings of the closeness you want.

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