Sexting for Beginners: 4 Tips to Make It Smoother!

Sexting Take off the edge and take in the fun!

If you have always considered sexting hot, but never tried it, this is your chance to learn more on how to do it right! it can be plenty of hot fun, but if you are struggling with putting yourself out there through words, we’re here to help.

Aside from being flirty and inviting, sexting is a great way to loosen up any tension you’d otherwise find in the bedroom. In addition, the art of sexting can contribute to a stronger and happier sex life, and it’s basically all about letting go, speaking up and making adding a hint of pizzazz.

With no further introduction, here are 4 amazing rules to help you sext like a pro!

1. The Person You Sext

One of the ways to guarantee a good sexting session is to truly choose a person willing to return the favor. Nowadays, it can be found a bit risqué, therefore trust also plays part in the whole concept. You surely don’t want your sex partner’s friends analyzing your messages, right? So, before you even start sexting, make sure you have the right person by your side.

2. Sexting: Snaps

If you are not so great with words, you can definitely turn to photos and send something triggering to the imagination. It doesn’t even have to be a part of your body or your face. Think outside the box, it can be anything – from nice boxer briefs and a condom placed to it, to a photo of a rubbing lotion or a’s the little teasers that make the difference.

3. Keep It Interesting

When it comes to the idea of what’s sexy, ask any woman you want and she’ll tell you…less is more. Plus, some time spent hanging in the air and anticipating the answer is key to a good sexting game. Of course, you are welcome to share a few catchy details, so all we’re saying is…don't go overboard with it.

4. Sexting: Begin with Memories

When you can’t go all raunchy, take a trip down memory lane. Sex texing by remembering the best times you and your partner had sex can really work in creating that want one more time. Should your partner be fairly new, but still interested in texting, you can always go the ask-and-answer sex game. In due time, you’ll learn to relax and get more into it, and even go all the way in expressing all your desires through sexting.


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