How to Have Your Sexiest On-Line Escort Dates?

The period of self-isolation is a must, yes, but your dating life doesn’t have to suffer as a result of it! Even though face-to-face dating is not a viable option at the moment, the Leeds and Yorkshire VIP escort agency introduced two new ways to date your favorite escort.

If you are someone who likes to keep his dating life in shape, you can now book your next escort date at our agency and choose one of two options- phone call dating or video call dating for your sexiest on-line escort dates!

Phone Call Escort Date!

Phone call dates are an amazing new and budget-friendly option the Leeds and Yorkshire VIP escort agency has introduced during the period of self-isolation. Booking a phone call date is easy and all it takes is for you to reach out to our agency, choose an escort to chat with and then spend an hour of your time connecting and having fun!

Trust me, there are many ways to make a hot date out of your phone call, including:

  • Enjoying a steamy conversation with your escort date
  • Playing a hot and sexy game over the phone.
  • Chatting day and night, for the weekend and during weekdays.

Perfect for customers who are used to frequent socializing or those who never like feeling along, phone call escort dates are just the thing for this quarantine period.

Video Call Escort Dates!

Unlike phone call dates, video chats are much more versatile and engaging. At our agency, you can now book a video call with any escort available and enjoy a stunning and visual date, orchestrated to your needs. All video call dates at our agency are done through Skype, and there you go- you are just a call away from spending your evening with a hot babe on the other side of the camera.

As for options, with video call dates you can:

  • Have a nice lunch or dinner in front of the camera.
  • Play a naughty game, where you use your imagination and creativity.
  • Take your escort on a virtual walk or excursion, all the while discussing all things hot and spicy.

Ideal for clients who like a more personal approach to their date, you can book your video call any day of the week and never feel alone, even when in self-isolation!

For more information on our booking process, please contact our agency today and let’s make the most of your days spent at home!

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