Revolutionary Sex Secrets to Learn!

As much as you like having sex, getting creative is a great way to boost your bedroom play even more. Mind-blowing sex secrets doesn’t just happen. As a matter of fact, good, scratch that-great sex, comes from exploring the out-of-the-ordinary adventures that come with it.

In fact, learning new tips and tricks can make your sex life far hotter and steamier. As the key to having fun and enjoying yourself, here are 4 unusual sex hacks to try. /p>

Sex Secrets:Space!

When it comes to sex, we oftentimes forget to pay attention to the place where all the magic happens. Although your bedroom is an obvious choice, finding new spaces where you can explore sex with your partner can drastically change your game.

If you have no problem with tight spaces, head to the shower or make it more fun with a quickie in the closet. If you are into camping, set up a tent in your back yard, and get it on under the stars. It’s not about where you are at, per se, as it is what you can do with the space available to you.

Take It Slow

Here, we are not only talking longer foreplay. Slow-burner sex can really do your pleasure justice, so train yourself into doing it more often. Even when engaging in penetration, refrain from moving at all, allowing your partner to take you in, while you stroke a thumb over her clit.

Make it even more interesting, and award your partner a thrust only when she’s ‘behaving’. Talk about driving a woman crazy with pleasure.

Sex Secrets: Voice It!

Men tend to be less vocal during sex, and I am talking moaning, groaning and panting. While women are more liberal to put a voice to their pleasure, they also enjoy hearing their partner’s exhales as well.

If you are not too comfortable with being vocal in bed (dirty talk aside), work your way there slowly and intentionally. You’d be surprised to learn how much a woman can enjoy the sound of your voice during an orgasm.

Make a Mess

Sex is all about getting down and dirty and going wild. But, even in romantic sex nights, you can be free enough to not care where pleasure takes you.

Now, whether you introduce foods in bed or shoot your load on a pillow cover- that’s entirely up to you. Even if only once, let your OCD at the door and get ready for a sweaty, sensual mess.

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