Types of Sex Experiences!

In your lifetime, you have likely met a few different lovers. Eager ones, lazy ones, boring ones, fun ones, you name it. Sex is a versatile activity and will oftentimes have you exploring different sides of it, always uncovering something new along the way. And just as we have different versions of sex experiences, we also have different kinds of lovers.

Today, we’ll discuss different types of sex everyone has had at least once in their lifetime.  

Sex Experiences: Connection!

This is one of the rarest types of lovers you will find, and if you do, it will be chemistry like never before. Everything about this person screams compatibility in sex and extravagant arousal. You want this person in your bed, day after day, even if nothing else works. Having a sexual connection with someone can be confused with feelings of love, and while this sometimes is the case, most times is only that raw sexual charge between you two.


Yes, we all know this type of lover. It’s the one that just everything so mechanical, so detached. Sex with this person can feel mundane, apathetic, even. There is no real connection between you two, not even sexual. The sex is likely okay, but then, there are no mind-blowing orgasms, no sexual tension, not even a desire to have a rain check. Because, who settles for ‘okay’ sex, right?

Sex Experiences: Dirty Mind!

Even if you consider yourself naughty and experimental, there is always that one lover whose fantasies are dirtier than yours. With this person, the sex will be wild, new and always unforeseen. Now, while this might mean more kinks, it can also mean doing something that just doesn’t click with your taste. However, if you are into the more obscure side of sex, the Dirty Mind lover is your ticket there.


This type of lover is always the one who cares for their partner’s pleasure more than their own. The Giver is not shy about worshiping you, taking control over your orgasms and giving you what you need. With this person, sex is indulging and enjoyable, and everything they do feels right. However, some people struggle with a giving partner, as they don’t care for reciprocation and cannot surrender the control.

Sex Experiences: Unusual One!

We all have that type of lover which we would have never imagined in our bed. This person is the opposite of all of your preferences and doesn’t fit your idea of ‘sexy’. However, for some odd reason, you find yourself attracted to this person, and guess what? The sex is not half as bad! Still, if you don’t accept the person you are with, only having great sex with them can last for so long.

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