6 Sex Etiquette Rules Every Man Should Follow!

Ask anyone you want and they will tell you- quality sex is all about being spontaneous; having fun, and enjoying pleasure from every angle possible. Even so, however, the art of having satisfying sex is not all about winging your performance. That said, even in sex, there are some unspoken etiquette rules; or 6 to be exact, that every man has to follow for a more fulfilling bedroom experience.

Sex Etiquette: Don’t Fake It ‘Till You Make It!

If you want to please a woman sexually (whether by going down on her or otherwise) don’t do half a job. A few licks and squeezes won’t do the trick in giving her an orgasm, and neither will asking for immediate reciprocation. Come on now, you can do so much better than 10 minutes of foreplay.

Bring the Condoms!

It seems redundant to rely on the woman to provide your protection. And while many women do carry condoms with them, this is really your responsibility to take on. Women oftentimes deal with their own protection, such as pills; rings, and pregnancy preventing shots, so when it comes to condoms, keep a spare one in your wallet.

Sex Etiquette: Clean Up after Yourself!

That includes both your condom and any liquid mess you leave behind. Never, ever toss the condom on the floor and if you do, pick it up and clean the area well. Also, if you finish elsewhere (like on the woman’s body), be a gentleman and wipe it all up afterwards.

Have Your Extras Ready!

If you are having a woman over, the gentleman’s thing to do is have spare; female-friendly items for her to use. Usually, the ‘woman’s kit’ should consist of a spare showering towel (or a robe); a toothbrush, a pad or a tampon and if you want to go the extra mile, a pair of unpacked panties.

Sex Etiquette: No One Leaves ASAP!

Even though all is said and done in bed; don’t be in a rush to leave a hotel room or the woman’s place. In that same aspect, if you are staying at your place, avoid indicating to the woman to leave. The truth is, no one wants to be a sex robot, and a little cuddling time can do good things for your soul.

Don’t Overcomplicate It!

If the sex is casual but you didn’t predetermine that with your date, there’s no need to get in her face and emphasize just how casual this get-together is. When things happen casually, it is likely the woman will be looking for the same things you are: company for the evening, some fun, and a man who doesn’t feel the need to ‘clarify’ what just happened. 

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