6 Do’s and Don’ts for a More Sensational Sex Life!

Here is a wild question for all men looking to perfect their sex game- do you actually know what women like and dislike in bed? For men, sex can be just Sensational Sex, but when we speak of women, it is oftentimes the steps which lead up to sex which make the activity great.

That said, many women tend to be reserved when asking their men to change up things during sex. But, no worries, we are about to present you with 6 key things that will instantly fix your overall impression on the ladies, sex-wise and otherwise.

Sensational Sex: More than Nipples!

It goes without saying, many men forget to tease the breasts as a whole. Aside from the nipples, which deserve teasing for sure, feel free to explore your lady’s cleavage by stimulating it with your touch or a sex toy.

Even more, let your woman show you what she wants. This way, you’ll get a private show and learn how to treat them breasts right!

Oral Sex…with a Twist

All ladies love oral sex, but normally, it’s not just the tongue they are referring to. In fact, during oral sex, you can relax and use your fingers as stimulation while you suck on that bundle of nerves gently. Long story short, get exploring.

Sensational Sex: A Clean Bed!

One of the biggest turnoffs in the ladies is a messy bed. The next time she comes over, change your bedding, bring a few aromatic candles, get the mood perfect….and great sex will be on its way.

Outside YOUR Moves

As every other man, you probably have your signature moves in bed. But, the truth is, no two ladies like the same things during sex, so it is best you educate yourself more on how to please a woman properly.

This means that you might have to go in blind and see what works for your sex partner, but hey, you never know what could be standing on the other side of her orgasm.

Sensational Sex: Orgasm Awareness!

Orgasms are easier for men than women. Because of that, don’t rush into finding your own relief, but try to wait for your partner to orgasm first. In the meantime, instead of anticipation, try working her erogenous zones and put her first- it will be worth it.

The Surprise Factor

As much as women like planning, they also appreciate spontaneity. Therefore, if you know your partner well, don’t be shy to take her to bed out of the blue and show her a fine time between the sheets. The element of surprise is likely to make your partner feel more desirable, meaning more great sex for you.

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