6 New Years Eve Sex Tips for the Ultimate Holiday!

Out with the old and in with the new, with our 6 New Years Eve Sex Tips, And while this may apply to your work and relationships, getting a new, sexier groove is also worth the boost. Sure, you might have been having the greatest sex this year as it is, but in the world of lust and passion, there are always new ways to make things hotter.

The holiday season can easily put you in a celebratory and curious mood, so if you’re up for a good challenge, here are 6 sex steamy tips to kick-start the new year.

Count it Down!

Not really a position, but a practice, the idea behind the countdown is to get yourself and your partner close to climax. If you are the one closer to it, pace yourself to match with your partner. Some of the best positions for this include the cowgirl, the ‘sideway’ position or the scissors. We’ll leave the experimenting to you.

New Years Eve Sex Tips: Jingle Balls!

Much like a teabag dropped in hot water, allowing your partner to play with your scrotum can be a great foreplay position. There is something soothing, yet primal about having a woman ‘mouth-cup’ you by the balls, and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the wet show.

Rock Away!

Tape your sexy shenanigans a week prior to New Year’s Eve. Hide the tape and play it the first morning of the new year. Cozy up in bed, and either recreate your earlier positions or let yourself be inspired by the visuals.

The Night Of!

Make this New Year’s Eve the most unforgettable one and go for the biggest sex fetish you’re after. If you want to get partying into the mix as well, we highly recommend going for a threesome or a swingers’ party.

New Years Eve Sex Tips: A Resolution!

Although you have the entire year tofulfill your resolutions, begin on the sexy side and make a hot resolution to make happen within the first week of the new year. Whether it is something you yet have to try, like BDSM or a sex toy, share your resolutions with your partner and then…just go for it!

Faster, They’re Almost Here!

To get a true adrenaline boost out of the experience, have a quickie while waiting for your guests to arrive or pick you up for the night. The possibility of being busted will definitely turn on the heat between you and your partner, so make the most of it.

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