5 Things All Men Want from Women in Bed!

Having the ideal sexual experience is much more different than having to ask for it. Typically, men are abundant in ideas on how to spice up things in their sex lives, but will rarely vocalize those ideas to their partners.

But, far from the fear of being judged by your partner, there’s a whole list of things that men enjoy during sex without women realizing it.

To shed some light on the topic, here are 5 sexy things all men would love their partners to do. Men Want from Women in Bed.

Use of Hands

As much as it doesn’t seem the case, all men fall for provocative and sensual touching. Together with exploring the crotch, men are also keen on being scratched, teased, hugged and visually appreciated. Also, all men enjoy a woman who knows how to take what she wants, whether through an intense neck grab or by closing her legs around your waist.

Men Want from Women in Bed: Initiation!

For men, it is almost natural to be the one asking and initiating for sex. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want a woman who knows how to ask for sex. In fact, men find a certain erotic stimulation in women who have no problem initiating sex. Even more, this ravaging erotic need is a great aphrodisiac that should become a practice, rather than stay a taboo.


Experimenting in sex is all about being free of judgment and boundaries, and can include anything from a scene you saw in a porn movie or something hot you read about. But, trying new things can be even more thriving when your partner wants to go the distance as well. That said, it is not that women don’t want to experiment, but rather, they fear their fantasies will be misunderstood. So, if you want to enrich your sex life, you will also have to create the perfect environment for it.

Enjoy Sex with Me!

One of the biggest turn-ons for men is seeing their partner enjoy having sex with them exclusively. The idea of being able to satisfy your partner means a great deal to all men, and it’s good when their partners know how to show it.

Men Want from Women in Bed: Body Image!

Admit it, you cannot resist a woman who loves her own body and appreciates what she looks like. Sizes and shapes aside, the concept of feeling good in your own skin does make a woman seem more appealing. Add a pair of lacey pants to the mix and you’ll realize, confidence never looked so good.

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