Luxury Escort Date Experiences on a Budget!

Clients who date elite escorts know the importance of a quality experience that comes with a hint of luxury. However, not all clients have wallets-wide-open to cover for the cost of the escort service and provide their date with a fabulous activity.

To solve your problem, we thought we’d round up a few ideas on how to spend a mesmerizing and high-quality escort date without overspending.

A Yacht Ride

The bad thing about yachts is, not everyone’s rich enough to buy one. The great thing about yachts is you don’t have to buy one to ride one. In fact, if you want to impress your escort date with a unique and elegant experience without hitting the boat shop, you can book a yacht tide or a mini cruise for two. This way, you’ll get to explore the best of yacht rides and still allow yourself some level-up adventure.

Riding Horses

For the client and escort who love doing fun yet classy things together, riding horses is a match made in heaven. Booking a horse ride along the beach is always romantic and unconventional, and even if you don’t have the sand and water near you, you can always hit the mountains and try again.

A Beach Bonfire and Bar

When you are in for great food and superb drinks but you don’t want to overpay the price, you can create your own and intimate beach bonfire. Make a snack and drinks list, get a cosy blanket and something to play music on – candles are optional, avoid them if in the woods- and invite your escort to cosy up together and drift the evening away.

A Spa Experience

Many services nowadays are far cheaper than they used to be, and spa treatments are no exception. A spa experience always brings a classy vibe to it and will help you and your escort, relax, pamper yourselves, and bond at the same time. If not up for a nice massage, you can always hit the sauna or have a swim in the pool – spa centres always offer an outstanding service for two.

A Ski Weekend

Especially for clients who love both skiing and travelling, you can always book an escort travel date and take your favourite girl to a local resort where you’ll have both some fun in the snow and in private. Mulled wine, sunbathing and mesmerizing views – it doesn’t get any better than that.