Want Lazy Sex? Try These Effective Positions!

As much as we love sex, the desire for it and the practice of doing it don’t always come eye to eye. But, just because you are tired, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up having sex for the evening. Quite to the contrary, there are many ways to enjoy lazy sex even when you are at your laziest.

If you have a more enthusiastic sex partner, you can still make sex enjoyable for them and get your rest as well. And here are the top positions to get you right there.

Lazy Sex: The Squeeze!

If you want to entirely enjoy your partner’s proximity, this position is ideal for you. To get into the position, lay on top of your partner, while she is either on her back or flat on her stomach. The position doesn’t require any particular movement, and you can simply enjoy gliding in and out in the most intimate manner. Of course, if a little distance between you two is what you need, don’t forget to lift your body and give sex some room to happen.


Take a comfortable seat at the edge of your sofa or your armchair and let your partner come on top of you, in your lap. For additional support, you can add a pillow or two at your waist. As for the rest, letting your partner take the charge from time to time is not half as bad. 

Lazy Sex: Spoon Away!

If you are feeling extra lazy, the spooning position will work to your advantage. Without taking the good sex out of the picture, lay on the bed with your partner and take the ‘big spoon’ role, entering her from behind. This position is also great, as it allows you direct contact with the breasts and clitoris, which to your partner will mean a guaranteed orgasm.

The Bathtub

Aside from taking the time to zone out and relax, you can use a bubble bath as your favorite sex place when lazy. Simply, dip into the water and invite your partner in for some steamy fun. Whether it is the straddled position or a missionary, the weight of water will make your body much lighter, making the sex easygoing and oh-so-wet.

Lazy Sex: The Car!

Car sex can be a bit claustrophobic, but if you are familiar with it, you know it can get pretty cozy. Relax in your seat and allow your partner to either come on top of you or just give you good head- both of which work amazingly when you’re energy deficient.

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