4 Innovative Ways to Initiate Sex without Overdoing It!

It is widely known that men are bigger initiators of sex than women. To women, asking for sex still seems a bit promiscuous and extrovert, even without a logical reason behind it. On the other hand, men may be the initiators, but being the only one asking for sexual pleasure can sometimes seem pushy.

There’s no secret that both men and women have their own sexual needs and desires, but when it comes to asking for them, things can get a bit stuck. Still, instead of chewing it up for your partner, you can always ask for sex in a more creative manner.

Today, let’s introduce 4 excellent and non-intrusive ways to ask for sexy time without feeling guilty or bad.

Initiate Sex: Emails!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be emailing, you can use any social app you find most suitable. The best way to present the idea of having sex is to prepare the ‘field’. That means you can send saucy or flirty emails or messages to your partner, describing everything you want to do to them in bed and vice versa. If you want to go the extra mile, feel free to include an elegant nude in the conversation as well. Trust me, they’ll get the hint.

Sexy Hints!

For men, leaving their underwear around the house won’t be the sexiest thing a woman has seen. Luckily, there are many other ways to trigger sexual curiosity in your partner, and it is by leaving raunchy hints around the house. Whether it is a post-it message, a sexy playlist or even a change of sheets, you can count on the small things to do the sex talking for you.

Initiate Sex: I Had a Dream!

Whenever you have a dirty dream, feel free to share it with your partner. Women enjoy listening to men getting into the juicy details, just because they typically don’t. Paint a hot picture of what your dream was about, and as you do, start taking your clothes off, one piece at a time. If you are still not feeling the sexual vibe at both ends, you can always hit the shower and have some fun on your own.

Hand Action!

When words suffice, let your body take over, or more specifically, your hands. The power of touch can be a great turn-on for your partner and a great way to kick things off without being to insisting. A touch of her breasts, a caress against her butt or having her hair in a fist can get the mood going. Of course, in case your partner is still not up for it, you can still make out and enjoy some dry humping.

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