House Hold Items That Can Improve Your Sex Life!

Can your household help your sex life? Well, if we are talking about comfort and object play, then yes, it can! Sex will never be boring at home again, and to get it, you will need some inspiration from the items in your home. Together with being budget-friendly, Useing house hold items that can improve your sex life!

Hmm, so what can serve you as a sex toy?

Here are five more household objects you can make use of between the sheets!

The Shower Head!

Interestingly, aside from vibrations, water pressure can also help you turn on your partner or yourself. Big shower heads with different-size holes can be a great way to explore water pressure for nipple and clitoral stimulation. Of course, a regular shower head will do as well, but make sure that pressure is always on point!

Improve Your Sex Life With A Banana Peel!

Intended for the gentlemen, a banana peel makes an excellent and budget-friendly masturbating toy. The smoothness of the banana peel is much similar to the human flesh, so you’ll definitely earn yourself some fun doing this. To begin, slightly slice the top and bottom of the banana, scooping out the meaty contents. Once you have a hollow peel, you know the drill.

Silk Scarves!

Silky scarves are not just for blindfolding your partner. Instead, a silky scarf is an excellent nipple teaser, mouth gag, and works great as a masturbator. What’s even better, instead of using a silk scarf on yourself, have your partner lend you a helping hand. Aside from silk, other fabrics that work well and to the same effects include pantyhose, suede, and cashmere. Getting cozy in bed never sounded better.

Improve Your Sex Life With Ice Cubes!

Ice cubes are the perfect way to kick off sexy foreplay. They are a great tool for stimulating the nipples, the abdomen and thighs. As you know, all these are popular erogenous zones in women, meaning you’ll efforts will be worth it. With ice cubes, you can experiment a lot, mostly because they are mess-free, easy to manipulate and clean.

A Necklace!

A pearl necklace can work wonders for the quality of your sex life, but so will any other kind of necklace. Whether you go for leather, pearls or chains, the gentle effect the hard surface provides is beyond pleasurable. And while the teasing might not be good enough to give you an orgasm, it will certainly come in handy when you’re edging.


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