How to Impress a Woman in Bed?

Sex is one of the most intimate experiences you can share with a woman, whether it is with your partner, blind date, or a booked escort. However, women often remark men for not making the right effort in trying to please them. Having in mind the pleasure you are getting, it is more than necessary for a woman to find her orgasm as well.

Aside from the obvious tips, such as being more attentive and being a great listener, here are 7 more ways to leave a great impression on a woman in bed.  

Impress a Woman in Bed with Eye Contact!

It is not often said just how powerful eye contact is during sex. It not only helps create intimacy it also lets the woman know you are completely focused while she’s completely desired. To get an even better response, add a flirty little comment while keeping sturdy eye contact, and enjoy the fireworks it creates.

Validate Her Efforts!

If a woman does all the things you love about sex, then tell her so! Women enjoy verbal praise and will only become more committed to maintaining that tempo. Also, women enjoy the thought of making you feel super-pampered, and saying it is a real game-changer.

Praise Her Body!

When words don’t suffice, let your woman know how wanted she is by exploring her body in all delicious ways. Subtle touching, stimulating, kisses, licks, and bites, you know what to do.  

Impress a Woman in Bed with Compliments!

Together with a word of praise, giving compliments also does the trick of making a woman feel sexier in bed. Feel free to compliment anything from her lingerie to her body, looks, charms, and even bedroom moves. Muy caliente!

Have Personal Nicknames!

Even if you are an avid dater, create a special little nickname for all your women. Aside from nicknames try to also customize naughty language, too.

Impress a Woman in Bed by Boost Her Confidence!

It is likely that a woman will dislike something about the way she looks or feels in their skin, and it is your job to not only reassure her but also give that special area some worshipping and TLC.

Don’t Keep the Movies to Yourself!

If you are watching a porn movie, always make it an affair for two, and invite your woman for a night of smoking hot visuals. Although scripted sex has nothing to do with real-life sex, it will keep you engaged, interested and willing to try some new moves later on!


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