How Does Companionship Escort Dates Work?

For some clients, escort dating is all about that ultimate sensual experience. However, you’d be surprised to learn that what many clients love about dating an escort is the company services provided to them. Companionship escorts are not exclusive to sexual favours, but they offer a wide range of other services.  

Below, let’s discuss what comes with the service of dating a companionship escort.

  • Exclusive non-sexual escort service, company only
  • Elegant and refined plus-one dates for every occasion
  • Warm and kind approach, based on respect and understanding by your escort
  • Enjoying the Girlfriend Experience without intercourse but being able to hang out, go out, talk on the phone
  • Hotel visits can come with an erotic massage or a sensual dance, but won’t include intercourse
  • Comfortable setting and a positive mood, great for long conversations over dinner
  • Overnight stays for company only
  • Travel companionship for your business trips or holidays
  • Virtual communication through safe platforms and on-camera dates
  • Wining and dining, socializing, attending parties and events casually
  • Full discretion and a low-key relationship based on trust and fun
  • Company for shopping trips, sports events or weekend getaways
  • Learning confidence in dating and communicating
  • Dating during the holidays for extra support and company

Although companionship escorts don’t involve sexual activities, they can be a great learning experience; especially if you are dealing with social anxiety or lack communication skills. Escorts make a great casual girlfriend in a way and will ensure you have the best time together and help you kill loneliness and blues. All escort companionship services are top-quality and based on years of experience, so you’ll have the best time ever with your escort and spend a date in full privacy, too.   

Why Book Companionship Escorts? 

If sex is not a great priority in life and you wish to focus on company only; companionship escorts are your perfect choice. Many gentlemen decide to look for escort company due to loneliness or dullness and some need someone to talk to or confide in.  

If you are keen on discrete experiences and getting to know your escort on another level; this experience is both personable and enjoyable to book. Plus, with a great variety of escorts to choose from; you’ll have plenty of ways to spice up your dating life even if that doesn’t include sex. Remember that not all escorts offer this kind of service so contact your escort agency to help you find the right pick.