Hot Positions for When You Want Your Escort on Top!

Are you the kind of escort client who lets his date take charge and come on top of thigs?

All the more fun for you!

For more reasons than one, escorts make a great intimate date partner. Out of the bedroom and especially in it, escorts can show you various tricks to enhance your pleasure and make your date everything you were waiting for!

So, if you want your date large and in charge of your pleasure, here are 5 hot on-top positions to try!  

The Om

An up-close-and-personal position, the Om allows you to become more intimate with your escort. The position is all about sensuality and rocking back and forth. To get in position, have a seat on the bed and ask your date to come on top, wrapping her legs around your hips.

Eye contact and filling each other up- there’s nothing quite like it!

The Cowgirl

All versions of the cowgirl are excellent for just laying back and enjoying the show. Feel free to play around with the position a bit and introduce some binds and restraints for you, and then, let your escort work her magic on you! She has all the control but it feels so good!

Face Sitting

When it comes to unconventional sex positions, face sitting is one of the best to please your escort and engage in some oral pleasure. Namely, have your date pull her knees to your shoulders and squat over your face so you can put your lips and tongue to work. A great position for a certain female orgasm, facesitting can also come in various types and all of the work like a charm!

The Seated Chair

When in doubt, get a chair and buckle up for some seated fun! Chair sex can be a creative way to switch things up, and your escort will be all game to try this position. While you sit on a chair, ask your date to sit in your lap, with her feet on the ground for extra motion and support.

One-Legged Frog

Unlike the traditional version of frog style, in this position, the woman comes on top but doesn’t rest her knees to the bed. Instead, she squats over you so you can enjoy that lovely bounce and exchange the control when desired.

Reverse Missionary

The reverse missionary position gets your date on top but also gives you closeness and intimacy. To pull it off, ask your date to come atop you so you can penetrate. Once there, ask her to lie on top of you slowly, thus pressing her body against yours.


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