Bedroom Dos and Don’ts: Get Frisky in Style!

When it comes to matters of the bedroom, what defines the dos and don’ts of sex? It’s true, with so many preferences, likes, and dislikes about sex, following one particular pattern won’t do the trick.

However, if you are looking forward to many fruitful and delicious sexual experiences, there are several general dos and don’ts that will help you take the right path.


Frisky Foreplay as Art

Foreplay can sometimes be more essential and important than having actual sex. The way you touch, arouse your woman, talk to her and move can be a deciding trigger of what is to be a superb sex adventure. If you want to master the art of fabulous sex, contemplated foreplay is a good way to begin. 

Ask For More Pleasure

If there is a move or a trick that you’d like to try in bed, there’s no reason why shouldn’t ask for it. As long as it is doable and comfortable for your woman, you should make your desires heard. In that same aspect, receiving pleasure is just as important as giving it, so take the time to listen to what your partner or date also might want out of you.

Cover your Frisky Fantasies!

Physical touch during sex is a great and necessary, but in order for you to make it a sublime experience, you should awake the other senses, too. With enough physical aspects, you’d also want to pay attention to including enough visuals (a private dance show, maybe?), and vocals. Talking, observing, and keeping an eye on the details of your experience is a great combination to enrich your sex life in an instant.


Rush to the Finish Line

If you want to better your sex life, rushing through it won’t get you anywhere. Sex is an art of its own, and as such, you should make it last for as long as possible. Stimulation, arousal, and stamina are all built through taking your time, whereas rushing might leave you with an orgasm but a sense of non-fulfillment, too.

Expect Reciprocation or Gratitude

Giving and receiving is part of sex, but demanding validation for your efforts is just silly. The same thing goes for reciprocation- just because you are willing to do something new, doesn’t mean you should expect the same in turn.

Get Distracted

From your phone and tablet to your TV and the game score, discretions can seriously hurt your sex life. Unless you are watching an adult movie together or solving a sex quiz, your undivided attention should go no further than that bed and the woman lying in it.


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