Elite Escorts and Exclusivity: How to Strike the Deal?

Typically, clients who date escorts regularly might want to continue meeting that one particular escort and strike a special deal with her. Available for VIP and loyal clients who are regular for any selected elite escort; making your deal exclusive comes with a lot of perks.

If you have been regular with your favourite escort and would like to keep her company as an ongoing affair; here are the things to know on escort dates and exclusivity.

It Is Not a Relationship

One of the first things to know on escort date exclusivity is that the exclusive part in the arrangement does not mean you will be dating your escort traditionally. This means that the nature of the booking stays the same; the services stay the same, and there is still that no-drama, no-attachment regulation to follow up on. Other than that an exclusive date with an elite escort means that as a VIP client; you can make short-notice bookings, have priority when booking date, and enjoying expanded services as agreed upon with your escort.

Discretion Still Matters

The more exclusive your escort dates are, the more you need to keep your privacy intact. As with an exclusive arrangement you will meet your escort more frequently; you have bigger chances of being spotted out and about. Because of that, if you care about people making assumptions; it is best to keep your regular escort dates as low-key as possible. Choosing elite restaurants that your friends and colleagues don’t visit often is one of the ways to shield your activities; and you can always book outcalls so you can meet your escort at your hotel room or home.

It Might Offer Discounts

An exclusive arrangement with a high-end escort might result in the client getting a suitable discount for certain services. This is especially possible if the services you book as part of the agreement are longer than a few hours; like in the GFE, overnight stays, travelling together and more. Also, with an exclusive arrangement; you won’t have to tip your escort over and over again, although it is recommended to do so otherwise.

The Perfect Time

Booking an elite escort exclusively means your date will limit other client bookings and will commit to you in full. This way; your escort will be available to you day and night and will be open to spending as much time with you as you please.