5 Rules to Practice in a DomSub Scenario!

Among the many fetishes and kinks sex offers, it seems as though the idea of domination and submission is many couples’ favorite. An intriguing and erotic concept, taking the role of Dom and Sub in the bedroom only works when done right.

One of the secrets behind a great DomSub Scenario relationship is coming up with rules and boundaries to help run everything smoothly. Aside from the pleasure factor, a sub-dom relationship can also be a very rewarding scenario which helps you build trust and intimacy.

If you want to lurk into the deepest, most erotic layers of sexual submission and domination, here are 5 rules to always follow along the way.

Keeping an Open Mind!

This could be one of the most significant rules to follow in a Sub-Dom relationship. Being open to surrendering or imposing control is a slow, yet awarding process, which revolves around creativity, exploration and finding what makes you comfortable in your given role. Regardless of which role you take on, being free of judgment and prejudices will help you build your relationship. 

DomSub Scenario: Building Trust!

One of the key things you will have to master in a Sub-Dom relationship is trusting your partner or having them trust you. Trust is quite important in this case as it helps give up control or harvest control in a way that is pleasurable for both parties.

Forget Expectations!

In a submissive-dominant sexual relationship, free yourselves of any expectations. If you have any ideas on how you’d want it all to work, you are free to share them with your partner. However, expecting your partner to read your mind or do that particular thing you have been imagining, will only disappoint you.

Thrive on Communication!

Honest communication will get you far in any sexual scenario, and especially in a sub-dom relationship. When you can discuss what goes or doesn’t go in your relationship, you can set up standards and rules that will give you clearance on how you imagine your sexual adventures will look like.

DomSub Scenario: Health First!

Not the sexiest rule in this list, staying healthy is a must when engaging in this type of a relationship. Whether you are the dominant or submissive party, it is important you eat well, exercise regularly and train your endurance. On top of that, both the Sub and Dom have to have strong mental health as well as solid sleeping patterns.

Source: https://herway.net/relationship/rules-for-a-dominant-submissive-relationship/

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