Cringe Moments During Sex (Vol 2)

The idea of having this perfect sex experience times and times over is simply impossible to achieve. In reality, sex is great and fun, but there are many things that can easily go wrong in the bedroom. What is more, you are probably not the only one experiencing these moments, as they tend to happen even to the most eager lovers out there.

Sometimes, what happens in the bedroom can be slightly out of our control, but there’s nothing to worry about, as it is all about enjoying the ride ahead- the good times and the bad included.

Here are 5 more uncomfortable Cringe Moments During Sex that can happen during sex.

Trying a New Position!

Okay, you have found a sexy-looking, seemingly easy-to-do position that you want to try in bed. But then, things don’t turn out the way you planned. Sometimes, your body can’t bend in every which way, and other times, there is just this sense of discomfort that doesn’t allow for things to click in place. Whatever the reason, the truth is that there are positions that are just not meant for you, and that’s okay. 

Cringe Moments During Sex: Sounds!

Our bodies respond differently during different sexual situations, which is why sounds can sound different, too. At times, certain sounds can seem peculiar or out-of-the-ordinary- whether too loud, too squeaky or too deep. There shouldn’t be any embarrassment for it really, as you cannot control the way your voice responds to stimulation. The best thing to do in this cause is to laugh the funny sound off and carry on.

Pulling Out All Over the Place!

Pulling out seems to be an effective technique, but sometimes, things can get messy in the process. If you are into dirty things, this little accident can be quite enjoyable, but if you find it embarrassing, next time, control your aim a bit more.

Condom Falling Off!

Condoms are not the most enjoyable thing to put on or maintain during sex, and yes, they can sometimes slip off. Shrug. Oh well, it happened, so now the only thing to do is find it, and make sure it stays in place next time.

Cringe Moments During Sex: Lost Erection!

During sex, there are times when it can be challenging to maintain your erection for the whole ordeal. However, this does not mean you are suffering a malfunction, but just that not enough blood pumps in the penis at all times. If you are feeling like the situation is a no-go, it’s best to leave the fooling around for another time and enjoy a movie.


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