Condom! How to Choose the Best for You?

Condoms make an essential part of sex, and although not as nearly discussed, their versatility is undisputed. With so many types of contraceptive available, playing with protection can be a fun game to take on.

As not all condoms are the same or provide the same kind of pleasure, here is a little guide into your options, perks, and pleasure effects. 

Lubricated Contraceptive!

If you are short on lube, you are in luck, as some types of condoms come pre-lubricated and ready to go! Lubricated protection can be made of latex, polyurethane, or lambskin, and provide the right sensation for your every sexy mood.

Ribbed Condoms!

Ribbed condoms have one main purpose aside from protection, and that is delivering a new and stimulating sensation. From narrow to wider and more impacted ribs, these kinds of contraceptive mean extra arousal whenever you both need it. Depending on the ribs, the condom might be more intended for male pleasure; while others serve the female a bigger sexual thrill.

Dotted Protection!

Just like ribbed condoms, dotted ones also provide a different and arousing texture. Spiked, dotted, nubbed, whatever the case, these condoms intend to amplify sexual satisfaction and provide just the right strokes in just the right places.

Heat-based Condoms

If you never heard of warmth-inducing condoms, now is the time to give them a try! With lots of new sensations to explore, heat-based ones can also be effective for prolonged performance and maintaining your erection for longer. Warming contraceptive come pre-lubricated and include ingredients that infuse warmth to the skin, which then magnifies sexual pleasure.

Not a Fan of Condoms?

Here are a few super-efficient alternatives, including:

  • Ultrathin

Easy on the skin, and providing as-natural feel during sex; ultrathin condoms don’t take away from the sensation, and still, keep you protected. The only downside to ultrathin; however, is that they break easily, so you have to be careful when putting it on or taking it off.

  • Female

Not debated as much as they should be; female condoms are a solid alternative to the man wearing a protection during sex. The contraceptive are places inside the vaginal opening; and it takes a few tries before you learn how to ease into it.

  • Delay

Delay condoms are superb when you have premature ejaculation issues or simply want to last longer in bed. Based on benzocaine, delay ones provide a sense of numbness to the penis; which doesn’t cut the pleasure short, but simply, prolongs it.

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