Christmas Sex Tips You are Going to Love!

‘Cristmas Sex Tips; Tis season to be naughty…and sexy!

This Christmas season, don’t be afraid to go above and beyond and bring sexy back just in time for the holiday. There are many ways to spice things up just in time for Christmas, so make it your mission to turn this season a true love-fest!

How so?

Here are 5 fiery tips to make this year’s Christmas the hottest one yet!

Cristmas Sex Tips: Elf on a Shelf…but Hotter

Every Christmas game can be a great opportunity to get into the swing of naughty Christmas game. An interesting take on the known Elf-on-the-shelf game is to prepare sexy notes and leave them around the house for your partner to find. Your notes can be anything you want them to be- a hot memory you’d want to repeat, an erotic scavenger hunt, or hints of what your partner can look forward to in bed.

In doing so, leave shyness to the side and go for the raunchier notes, thus exploring the sexier side of Christmas like never before.


Why not use Christmas lights to create a passionate setting in your bedroom? For the best effect, choose moody red lights and arrange them around your bed, thus inviting your partner to come join the fun. To make your bedroom a desirable place to be, don’t hesitate to light up a few aromatic candles and play some sensual music.

As simple as it may seem, creating a sexy Christmas vibe will turn your sex routine into a sexy rollercoaster.

Cristmas Sex Tips: Tinsels!

Aside from being ornamental, tinsels can work great as erotic stimulators, so don’t be afraid to get creative and bring a few into the bedroom. Also good as soft bondage restraints, tinsels can be a superb tool of arousal that will get your partner wet and ready to play!


While chocolate and Christmas mix well, using chocolate during your sexy play can work even better. With chocolate, you have plenty of creativity involved, so take that extra step towards pleasure and feast in chocolate right off your woman’s body.

Cristmas Sex Tips: The Morning After!

Christmas sex is just as good as the morning-after-Christmas sex, if not better. With all the holiday chaos gone, you can turn your Christmas morning into a fun and hot playground for you and your lady. Even better, buy some lacey lingerie or a new sex toy for your partner and look forward to opening presents in the morning!

One tip of advice though, if you have children, it is best you open your naughty presents in private.


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