4 Staggering Facts on Sex to Blow Your Mind!

And here you thought sex was all action and no words. Sex is a fascinating thing, a treat that drives the world and offers pleasure at every angle. Be that as it may, we cannot say we know all there is to know about sex and that is fascinating as well. For one there is the pleasurable side of sex and the technical one. While we might know a lot about the former, we cannot say the same about the latter, which makes all the more exciting topics to explore.

What better time than now? Here are 4 mind-boggling facts on sex to enrich your knowledge.

How Many Thrusts Make the Average Sex Session?

If you ever wondered about how many thrusts go into your average sex routine, studies have the answer. It turns out that a sex session equals 100 to 500 thrusts, which is a considerate number to…well, consider. And if that is not incredible enough, a 2017 study found that couples usually have sex for 17 minutes and 5 seconds. Just some food for thought.

Sleep Orgasms are Frequent!

Sexually active, rusty, or fully active, it doesn’t matter- sleep orgasms happen to all, men and women! They might not be as frequent in some men as in others, and might not always be on the wetter side, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, sleep orgasms are real and apparently beneficial to releasing stress and tension. Even if it is in the middle of the night.

The Male Orgasms is the Weaker of the Two!

It is sad but true- women have three times more intense orgasms than men, and science proves it. The reason this is so is that the female orgasm can last up to 20 seconds, whereas men’s last for humble 6 seconds. And you know what else? Findings show that women are also more likely to experience multiple orgasms as well as G-spot orgasms. Not to throw a shadow on your pleasure, lads, I am just saying.

Everyone Imagines Someone Else in Bed Sometimes!

There is nothing to be mad about, at least that is what science says. The fact that most people would imagine another person making love to them (on occasions, that is!), is incredible yet true. A study involving 13,000 participants interestingly showed that most subjects have fantasized about someone else during sex, usually a crush or a celebrity. Thanks, Brad Pitt

Source: https://www.health.com/sex/weird-sex-facts

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