What to Look for When Booking a Petite Escort date?

Petite escorts are adorable and beloved by many clients who want their escorts slim, tiny, and naughty. Dating petite escorts can serve as a way to fulfil a fantasy for many clients; and will also give you a chance to experiment with dating different types of escorts. No matter the case, dating a petite escort requires proper research from the client. To ensure you have the perfect petite escort and the best date service under your belt, here are a few tips to follow.

Understand the Offer

Not all petite escorts offer the same service. If you have dated a petite escort who offers bisexual services; booking another one may not be providing the same options. Therefore, the best way to learn what your petite escort offers in terms of dating services is to check her online portfolio and read her former client reviews. When looking into services and petite dates; also ensure you check the hourly fee, as again, not all petite babes will have the same service cost.

Check Their Age

As a client, it is within your right to check whether your petite escort is of age. Especially if you are booking a teen (+18) petite escort; you can ask your agency to provide you with details of the escort's age. Once you verify her age; you can also ask for health status confirmation which will ensure you that your petite date has been regularly checking her health status and that she fulfils are required criteria to date clients.

Don't Focus on Size Only

Petite escort dates are cute and adorable. Dating one is like having your own pocket Venus to admire. However, that said, you never want to over-mention the fact that your escort is petite; as you might make your date feel uncomfortable. While her ‘size' is what appealed to you the most, dating a petite escort is also about the quality of bond you create. Far from looks; you should also be interested in what your petite escort has to offer in terms of services and performance. So steer clear of unnecessary physical look remarks and focus on the full package.

For Shorter Clients

Some clients are shorter in height and want to find an escort that is either shorter than them or at least the same height. For that, petite escorts are the best choice to go with. When dating an equally petite escort; clients who lack height will feel more comfortable in her company and can relax; knowing the lack of centimetres is not posing an issue.