Ways to Ensure a Second Escort Date!

Many client shave dated escorts on various different occasions, yet some will stop at date one. As much as a client’s wants a second date with the same escort, sometimes, he needs to make the right impression and show his escort that he is credible, reliable and devoted to her service.

As escorts avoid booking follow-up dates with clients who just waste their time, it’s important that you show your escort that you are excited to meet her again. To do that, you’ll need to nail your first date, and here’s how to do that.

Keep It Clean

When dating a VIP escort, cleanness matters in two ways- the physical way and behaviour-wise. In terms of the former, as a client, you want to keep your hygiene spotless and at all times. Escorts love a client who grooms regularly, smells nice and is always dolled up and out together and the more you tend to yourself, the higher your chances of scoring second date are. In terms of the latter, keeping things clean between you and your date emotionally is also pivotal. In escort dating, there’s no room for catching feelings, causing drama, or jealousy, so if you want a second date, you’ll need to be okay with the nature of the service.

Respect and Entertain

As much as your escort will pamper you, you should do the same for her. If you care to see an escort again, showing her a fabulous time together is a great way to ensure her you are decent client. Also, you want to show your escort a great deal of respect and let her know that her boundaries will be valued and her presence is more than appreciated. Being courteous around your escort is also a plus, so sharpen up your complimenting skills and get to it.

No Bargaining

Some clients believe that bargaining will earn them a better escort experience. But, the truth is, it will most definitely not earn them a second date with that escort. Escorts don’t like negotiating prices, and they shouldn’t, as everyone is aware of the service fee provided. If you have already agreed to pay the service in full, debating it in order to score a better deal will get to into a dead end. But, if you are a client who pay for is date in full – and in advance, then, your escort might just agree to meet you again.