Two-Girl Fantasy Date: Things to Know Ahead of Time

Dating two escorts simultaneously is a challenge that clients often arise from. Dating two escorts at the same time, discreetly and privately, of course, takes a special knack for the wilder things in life. Yet, those who have tried it would happily say that the experience is like no other. Rich, intense, pleasant, cosy – whatever you need it to be.

However, to actually cover all angles of your escort date, here is a guide on what to know before time.

A Two-Girl Fantasy Date: The Tips and Tricks

  • Booking two escorts at the same time is a pairing-up thing. In other words, the escorts who offer the service together usually work as a team and don't mix with other dates. They are basically escort duos that come together as part of the package.
  • Book your date ahead of time. Escort duos usually manage their individual services as well, which means you have only a few open windows to make a booking. The earlier you do it, the likelier it is that your favourite double-jeopardy team will be ready to play.
  • Come prepared, know what you want. With two gals in the picture, you really need some planning ahead to do. For instance, where you'll meet, at what time, how long you'll spend together, what your chosen service will be – you have a few main factors to consider before booking a date on a whim.
  • Read client reviews. Many clients book escort duos and love reviewing their services. So, do yourself a favour and find some genuine opinions on the escort duos available, the generalities of their service, and more. This will help you make a more informed decision.

What Not to Do When Booking a Two-Girl Fantasy Date?

  • Avoid being disrespectful, too needy, too clingy, or pushy with your dates. If you hope to nail this date, sharpening up your manners is a must.
  • Don't arrive cluelessly. Be in the know of how the night will go. Communicate openly and share your ideas as well as boundaries. Know the details of the service, too, it's pivotal.
  • Don't forget to pay. Or try to get out of it for that matter. Not paying for your service ahead of time will cut your date short and leave the wrong impression between your escort companions. Pay first, date next – it's a fair trade.
  • Don't be late. Or arrive drunk. Neither of those things will contribute to your date, but will spoil the momentum and leave you hoping for something better.