Tips for the Perfect One-Night Stand!

What constitutes the perfect one0night stand date you ask? A lot of factors, in fact!A sense of adventure, spontaneity, and the desire to relax and unwind for a night are just some of them. For what it’s worth, a one-night stand can take a whole new dimension when you are prepared for it, as non-casual as it may sound.

Especially for the untrained one-night standers, a one-night stand adventure can seem like a handful. However, we’re here to take the tension off the experience and help you loosen up and get in the right mood.
Here are the best tips to keep in mind when an opportunity for a one-night stand arises.


As rude as it may seem, there’s no second chance for a first impression in one-night stands. It all has to happen then and there, so it’s your time to shine. Keeping your self-confidence on a high level is a wonderful way to nail a casual encounter. Being self-confident can be practiced, and when it comes to casual dates, fake it till you make it are great words to live by. The other person wants to be vowed, you want to be vowed, so what’s the holdup?


A night of wilding calls for caution. Therefore, when you find yourself on a one-night-stand date, it’s best to be already prepared. Infections, STIs, STDs, these are all things to be aware of and things for which you need to be armed with protection. While at it, avoid drinking excessively as it may ruin the experience and leave you playing solo. Another aspect of protection to remember is discretion, as you don’t want to be seen walking all over town with someone you’ll never meet again. Therefore, choose the perfect setting for your date, and keep it as under the radar as possible.

Manners Still Count

Even if you are just seeing someone for one night of fun and action, your manners still speak volumes about the person you are. Whoever you share your bed with, ensure they feel respected, comfortable, and entertained as you want to be. Hygiene and a clean space are also considered manners. So, if you’re meeting your one-night stand at your home or a hotel room, be courteous, polite, nicely dressed, and armed with suited protection. Also, don’t forget to ask the other person for guidance and their opinion – and make sure you are listening. Again, this is your time to shine, go on and get it!