Sharpen up Your Dirty Talking Sword: A Beginner’s Guide!

Dirty talking is no news in the world of pleasures and secret desires, and it is also one of the most favourite kinks out there. Although there is nothing physical about it, dirty talking can really take the tension in the bedroom to a whole new level of thrill. However, to get there, you need to give your spiced-up vocabulary some polishing.

Of course, no one’s expected to be the perfect dirty talker at first take. The good news is, you can get into the swing of it with a few helpful tips at hand. Naughty conversations are especially relevant when it comes to dating an escort, a true professional who knows how to dazzle up her words and appreciated a solid effort from her clients.

So, if you want to match your escort’s verbal skills between four walls, here are the tips to consider.

Get to Know One Another

It’s safe to say that dirty talking will not fly with your escort if it is your very first try, on the very first date. As you still don’t know each other that well, it would be far better to leave the room for going on several dates. This way, you can create proper chemistry and get on each other’s good flirting side. When you don’t know your date enough, it can cause you to stress out, conflict your words, or even be unsure of what to say next. To avoid a messy talk and go for the dirtier and hotter variant, ensure you have properly bonded with your companion first.

Discuss Boundaries

No dirty talking will be a successful one if you do not discuss boundaries, especially when accompanied by a VIP professional. Boundaries are necessary to discuss when exchanging sultrier words, as you want to ensure you are okay with everything being said and that no offending takes place. If you have some part of dirty talking that you are not fond of or don’t like, say so, and let your date have her say as well.

First Hear It, Then Say It

Okay, this one goes to the newbies. If you are at a loss of how to begin talking dirty or are somewhat intimidated by messing things up in front of your date, let her do the talking for both of you. She will gladly be the one to introduce sultry talking to your dating life in a way that will help you learn what to say when it’s your turn to impress her.