Risky Behaviours That Can Ruin Your Escort Date!

Rightful etiquette plays a significant role in quality escort dating. For clients, it is of utmost importance to nurture a proper attitude whenever meeting an escort. Unfortunately, even despite having booked an escort, there are certain behavioural patterns that can turn the date sour and, sadly, terminate the date before it even has the chance to develop further.

VIP escorts have their own requirements from clients in terms of acting right and being mindful. So, we thought we’d lend you a helping hand in mastering your attitude around an escort and steering clear of habits and practices that can cause turbulence during your date.

Things to Avoid Doing When Seeing an Escort

Don’t overdo it – being too kind, too open, too emotional, anything that’s overly done or pushed will leave the wrong impression before your escort. Instead of seeming needy or trying too much to impress your escort, try taking things slow and one step at a time.

Eradicate stress

A date with an escort is supposed to help you relieve stress and anxiety so bringing either to the occasion will only put extra strain on you and your date.


Being a nitpicker is a less than favourable trait to adopt, as it leaves your escort confused as to how to keep you happy. To change this and have fewer remarks regarding your date, drop your expectations and instead, try to communicate things in detail with your date.

Avoid drama.

There’s no need to pick up a fight with an escort or stir the pot unnecessarily. The idea of escort dating is to give you a proper experience with no drama in it, so don’t leave any room for tension.

Overly dominant.

Escorts appreciate a client who can show a great deal of confidence, but that does not mean being totally controlling of the date. Domination is fun as a kink, but in practice, it can be quite suffocating, even for your escort.

Delayed payments.

This should be no topic to debate – paying an escort should never be delayed or debated. When you agree to a service, it is only fair you compensate for it as agreed and pay your escort in full before the date commences.

Underground date locations

Come on now, you can do so much better than hiding in the odd parts of town with your escort and settling for a less than satisfying experience. Escorts are classy and elegant, so don’t take away from the quality of your date in the name of on-budget and shady dining.