Key Things That Cause Attraction between You and Your Escort

There are many factors that can play into a relationship between a client and an escort. Even in regular dating, the rules of attraction, connection and communication can make or break two people's bond. To be sure you are on the right track during your escort date, here are the key aspects that will boost your mutual attraction.

Your Similarities

As per a study in the field, featuring 168 subjects, it has been shown that most of the participants chose dates they had things in common with. Not just personality-wise, subjects also chose dates who were approximately the same height and weight and age as the subject. Given this notion, it is completely reasonable that you will choose an escort who meets your needs for personality traits as well as physical attributes similar to yours.


Physical proximity can add more value to your escort-client relationship. It has been reported that when you start a relationship - casual or regular - the more time you spend physically close to each other, the more you can grow your bond and intimacy levels. With an escort, the more you date and book appointments, the more you will get accustomed to this new way of interacting, sharing, communicating, and trusting.


Timing seems like an abstract concept but it is quite a reliable one to guide yourself by. This means that an escort will be able to satisfy your different needs at different times. With a regular partner, it is impossible to want them to fulfil your every need or expect them to meet your needs every time as if don't have their own. However, an escort's job is just that - to define what you need, provide it to you via a tailored service and ensure that whatever you need - and whenever you need it - you have it.


Whether dating regularly or dating an escort, the chemistry between you two won't always be of the same level. Now, with escorts, the easy thing is that you can search above and beyond to find a companion that you click with naturally and to which you are genuinely attracted. Since chemistry has been a leading factor in keeping any relationship or date viable, it is important to consider when choosing the right escort.