Criteria Escorts Should Fulfil Prior to Agency Recruitment!

Professional escorts undergo a suitable recruitment process before becoming part of an escort agency. To ensure escorts can provide stellar service, meet the client’s every need and deliver excellence, many escort centres tend to filter out the talent from the rest. In doing so, escort agencies require that escorts initially meet a variety of criteria in order to qualify for a VIP position. This ensures the agency a rightful hire and an escort that can represent her agency in the best light.

To paint you a clearer picture, here is what escorts have to do before they are recruited to an escort centre as professionals.

The Paperwork

Escort applicants have to be of age, meaning 18 years old or older. Escort agencies will only collaborate with legal-age escort applicants. Along with age, escort agencies will also require other documents from their escort. Such include proof of age, proof of residence, and legal proof of being able to work in the UK. Finally, before an escort is considered for a position, she will also have to provide her birth certificate, driving license, official ID, or passport.

Language Skills

Escort agencies pick their hires based on their level of English. If an applicant is able to work in the UK, of age, and has provided all paperwork, but doesn’t speak good English, she will likely not be considered for a position. English is the must language when agencies in the UK hire escorts, but they are also looking forward to applicants who speak various other languages on top of that. This is especially useful when foreign clients book company in the UK that speaks their native tongue.


All applicants for an escort position have to be bubbly and uplifting in their personality. Agencies are after ladies who are fun, loving, caring, giving, and fulfilling. As clients receive VIP service, the escort has to know how to provide it and ensure the client is beyond satisfied with the date.

Health Status

Health checks and fitness - all escort centres will consider candidates who are physically fit and healthy and who agree to do health checks on a regular basis. This helps the clients have a safer and more validated experience.

Discretion and Company Lovers

Applicants who want to become escorts need to know how to be discrete in providing their service. They also need to love hanging out with clients, male or female, and changing lives by providing stellar companionship.