4 Specific Escort Types that Clients Love to Book!

Many clients have a predesigned idea of what escorts look like. Long legs, hourglass figures, lean and curvy, angelic – those are some of the expectations that have been imposed to define escorts. However, in the real escort dating world, many clients derail from the standard rulebook on what escorts should look like and show interest in many other date types. As every client has his specific likes and dislikes about professional escorts, here are 4 non-traditional escort types that clients love to book for a date.

1. Inked Dates

It’s odd yet it’s true – tattoos are considered super-sexy by many clients who date escorts. Clients love escorts who have tattoos as it helps them fulfill a ‘good girl gone bad’ fantasy. Other clients might also have their own tattoos so they want to match their love for ink with escorts who also love the practice. Many clients deem tattooed escorts sexier when dressing up or dressing down, and love the idea of dating one and getting to explore all her secret inked areas.

2. Smokers

The truth is many clients who date escorts might be smokers and might want their escort to be one as well. Usually, escorts are not regular smokers but will make an exception if a client demands it. Escorts are trained to fulfill clients’ needs, and even if they are not fans of the habit, they are okay with being social smokers and thus allowing their clients to relax and share a puff.

3. Busty Escorts

For clients, dating escorts doesn’t always focus on the model-like escort and the 90-60-90 figure. Many clients don’t enjoy the idea of dating superbly lean and fit escorts but are keener on bustier dates. Busty escorts are superb for fulfilling a fantasy. They have juicier figures and more curves to offer, which for some clients, is quite satisfying and appealing. Busty escorts are all women and in every sense of the word and clients who lean towards voluptuous figures love dating them in all sorts of ways.

4. Bisexuals

Some clients love the idea of a one-on-one date, whilst others thrive to hang out with bisexual escorts. Clients love bisexual escorts as they can be superb for a voyeurism session. Others, however, like to bring their partners as part of the fun and book a bisexual escort that can equally tend to both parties. Finally, there’s the two-girl escort experience, specifically designed to make the client part of the fun and let him explore all sides of dating two escorts at once.