How to Tell If You are a Bisexual?

Bisexual has long been considered wrongful and even sinful. However, before we get into accepting this harsh terminology let’s analyze bisexuality for what it is, and especially in today’s fast-paced world.

Bisexuality refers to physical, emotional and sexual attraction to more than one gender.

Bisexuality is a completely natural occurrence, especially since we meet a variety of different-gender people; whom we consider of cool, appealing, and sexually attractive.

Even more, it is about time we get over ourselves and understand that deep down, we might be something else other than strictly straight, lesbian or gay.

The Kinsey Scale of Being Bisexual!

The Kinsey scale helps you grasp sexuality without having to involve genders. The inventor of this scale was Dr. Alfred Kinsey; who has long done studies on patients exploring their own sexuality.

The scale uses numbers from 0-6 to determine your levels of attraction to other people.

For instance, if you think of yourself as straight; but have had romantic or sexual experiences with another gender, you might be a 1-2 on the scale.

And even with this scale, many individuals struggle to accept that the world of sex and attraction can be only determined by bisexuality and its layers. 

The Diversity of Bisexuality

In order to understand bisexual orientation, it is important to understand how deep this term goes. That said, some people are attracted to men, some to women, some to both, and some to both and then some.

Enters the term pansexual; which defines sexual attraction to multiple genders and understanding gender versatility.

What this means is simple to understand- bisexuality is not interpreted the same by everyone.

Types of Orientations

Attraction exists so we can explore it, which is why it comes masked in many layers and undertones. For some, you may be experiencing a sexual; emotional, or romantic attraction to other genders.

Does this make you a bisexual? No. But, what it does is it allows you to figure out your own curiosity and explore it further.

The Bisexual Label

There is no shame in not fully defining or knowing what you are and what you are attracted to sexually.

In terms of sexuality, it matters for you to explore; be open-minded and never limit yourself to belonging to a certain label.

Ultimately, your sexual needs and desires may differ from other people, but that does not leave you in the wrong.

To the contrary, it should motivate you to explore and find what really; really makes you feel good in the bedroom. Go for it!

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