Best Sex Ever? Try These 10 Hot Tips!

Ready to set your sex life on fire?

Every man wants to become a confident and resourceful lover who knows the ins and outs of what qualifies as great sex. From suave moves in bed to the way you let your pleasure show, there are many tricks that can revolutionize your sex life.

If you have a hot date coming up, and things are likely to end in the bedroom, here are 10 hot tips to help you boost your performance.

1. Encourage your date (or partner!) to instruct you. Women oftentimes avoid having to teach you things in bed, but then, that’s how you learn.

2. Don’t forget to have fun. Seriously. Get out of your own head, stop overthinking and let the energy do its thing. Sex is great.

3. Forget about how important size might be, and focus on developing body sensations and arousal. Trust me, when you are pulling off all the right moves, the last thing a woman will think about is size.

4. Don’t do it if you are not into it. It is a shame to spoil what could have been a great sexual experience with a blue mood. If you are not feeling like getting it on, it’s okay to refuse the proposition.

5. Laugh it off when necessary. Sometimes, things just happen during sex. You can trip, fall, hurt yourself by accident, or do a funny face. Whatever the inconvenience is, welcome it with a grain of salt and good humor. 

6. Forget everything adult movies have taught you. Unless you are watching an adult movie as foreplay, don’t expect to get what you see on the screen. 

7. Take your time. There is absolutely no need to fast-forward through a great sexual experience. If you do feel the need for speed, then play with different rhythms, but for heaven’s sake, don’t make it all about that.

8. Eye contact. Not discussed nearly enough, eye contact is a way to enhance intimacy during sex and ignite the spark. While maintaining eye contact, make sure you don’t overdo it, as it will be taken as staring, which is so not cool.

9. Talk dirty. Most women enjoy a man who can be sultry and provocative with his words, without coming of as offensive. So, do your research, learn a few new lines, and swipe that woman off her feet.

10. Don’t get frustrated when giving a woman an orgasm. Understand, women and men don’t take the same time orgasm, with women sometimes needing even up to half an hour to climax. Therefore, there’s no use in feeling bad about not doing things right. Instead, ask your date or partner what you can do to get her off.


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