The Hottest Sex Positions for Advanced Lovers

Taking a little leap of faith can do your sex life justice. When the same old, same old ways of sex just don’t do it for you anymore, it is time to heat things up and get creative. Luckily, with sex, the opportunities to get creative are plentiful, especially if you are familiar with the art of Kama Sutra and doing things out of the ordinary.

Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and set your bedroom on fire with these 5 extravagant sex positions, intended for experienced couples only.

The Standing Wheel Barrow

If you enjoy your woman ‘hanging around’ during sex, this position will keep you well satisfied. It begins with the man standing up, while the woman positions herself upside-down, with her back towards the man. While supporting her arms on the ground, her lap meets yours, and her ankles crossed behind your back. And, takeoff.

The Pin-Down

For this next position, find a table and have your partner lie flat on her stomach. With her butt hanging off the edge of the table, wrap one of her legs behind your back, and leave the other hanging back.

Climb atop of your partner, and lock your arms under her elbows, thus pinning her down and engaging in fairly deep penetration.

The Push and Pull

Both partners lie flat on the bed, with their heads in opposite directions. Scoot closer until your laps touch and extend your legs to cradle your partner’s back. Her legs should come to your sides, pulled at the knees.

Once there, grab your partner’s arms and begin pulling her towards and onto you. With her legs, she can push back from penetration, thus creating a swinging dynamics while lying down.

The Saddle

If you are bored with the traditional cowgirl position, grab a chair, have a seat and extend your legs in front of you. Have your partner climb on top of you, with her legs in the air, reaching behind the chair.

For additional support and control, grab your partner’s arms and move her back and forth to create a great tempo. While not that demanding, the position requires balance and body control, which shouldn’t be a problem for an experienced lad like you, right?

The Shoulder Stand

The position begins with the man standing up and the women on the ground, engaging in a shoulder stand. Next, take your partner’s legs and hold them for additional support, while penetrating from above. For additional support, the woman can lock her hands against the back of your legs.


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