5 Variations of the 69 You Will Love!

Counted as one of the most beloved positions today, the 69 is all about getting sexy without having actual sex. The idea of receiving and giving oral pleasure at the same time is appealing and steamy, but even so, the 69 can become pretty boring if you don’t allow yourself some creativity.

If you want to make a 69 all the more interesting, here are several equally hot variations of the positions to explore, Here are 5 Variations of the 69 You Will Love!

Variations 69 You Will Love: Take It to the Side!

Feeling lazy or in the mood for inverted snuggling? The sideways version of the 69 is ideal for your next hot date! Just as in a standard 69, the woman’s head goes to the man’s lap and vice versa. However, when sideways, the woman doesn’t tire as easy, and both partners have plenty of room for comfort and enjoyment.

The position is also great if you are having issues with reaching each other’s genitals.

Give It a Squat!

In this position, the man takes a seat, his legs extended in the front and slightly parted. The woman comes from the top, bending over with her butt faced to the man’s face, while also bending over to reach for the pleasure between his legs.

Not just versatile, this position is also great for developing flexibility and indulging in some spanking.


If your partner is a fan of experimenting, give this sexy version of the 69 a try. To get it right, stand upright and part your legs slightly. Lift your partner upside down, so her head comes to your lap and your face comes in touch with her privates.

And when it comes to obtaining control, what more can you ask for than this sexy exploration?

Variations 69 You Will Love and Then Some!

If you are bored with just the oral part of a 69 but are still not interested in full-on sex, bring in the toys and make it all the more fun! While getting into the standard 69 positions, with the woman on top and man on the bottom, use your fingers or a vibrator to initiate penetration. In the same respect, your partner can also use a butt plug or a cock ring for you, thus doubling the fun and pleasure.

69 and Some Anal

Just as you would go all for the standard version of the 69, you should definitely explore the possibility of a rib job, too. Begin in a reverse 69 position, with the woman lying on the bed, and the man coming from the top. If necessary, you can use a pillow to help pop your partner’s butt up in the air for better access.

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