6 Ways to Have Sex without Actually Having It!

Can sex happen without penetration, the way most of us know it? What was once impossible to consider is today a very plausible scenario. As it turns out, there are many ways a man can have great sex even without actual intercourse.

Well, if you never tried this intriguing concept before, I guess there’s always something new you can learn.

Read on to discover 6 effective ways to have hot no-penetration sex.

1. Oral sex

Giving it or accepting it, it doesn’t matter, because oral sex is super-fun. With oral sex, you can go in different directions and change positions, techniques and play with toys. Once your pleasure happens, you’ll realize you don’t need penetration to have an orgasm

2. Full body massage

Another great suggestion for no-sex sex is to give or receive a full-body massage. Playing with the body can be very stimulating because you do a lot by actually doing little. Make your massage as sensual as you want it to be and don’t hesitate to tease. For a more effective massage and a gliding experience, use a rich body oil throughout. 

3. Genital massage

If you want to focus your pleasure on one particular area, start with the genitals. The goal of stimulating the genitals is not to rush to orgasm but to use the power of touch and intensity to develop stronger sexual arousal. From handjobs and milking to edging and using clitoris-friendly sex toys, the options are endless and delicious as can be. 

4. Hot Tub

Fooling around in a hot tub is not just a sexy experience but a sensual one as well. Add a few candles and seductive music to the scenario and you have yourself a winner. Hot baths allow bigger relaxation and ask you to take your time, so if you want something a bit more edgy, go for a hot shower.

5. Vibrators

Although we mentioned sex toys already, vibrators deserve a paragraph of their own. Namely, vibrators can deliver an orgasm without even getting physically intimate. To best experiment with vibrators, explore with various vibrating options such as bullets, cock rings, or even underwear.

6. Make out more

When it comes to sensual things, no one seems to give kissing the credit it deserves. Kissing, and I mean the juicy and wet kind, can be very erotic and personal. As your tongue is a super-sensitive organ, kissing can encourage it to work in favour of your pleasure.

Source: https://www.jordangrayconsulting.com/sex-without-an-erection/

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