6 Tips for the Sexiest Escort Weekend Getaway!

Planning the perfect getaway weekend for two?

If you are a fan of dating escorts and doing it right, travelling together for a few days is one of the most fulfilling services you can book. A laid-back escort experience, such as travel dates can be perfect for unwinding in great company and making the most of your time together.

Now that you have chosen the perfect match for your weekend trip, here are the 6 tips to turn your experience into full-blown enjoyment.

1. The Perfect Destination

Depending on the season you are travelling, you want to choose a suitable scenery and destination for your date. For instance, if travelling in winter, you might want to choose a nice and private lodge, a cabin in the woods, or a winter resort. For spring and summer arrangements, a breezy hotel destination near the beach or a mountain lake resort can be quite a suitable option for your private date.

2. Think, Abroad

Aside from travelling inside your homeland with an escort, you are also welcome to book an out-of-country experience. For instance, many companies arrange affordable European weekends for tourists who are looking to make the most of travelling and sightseeing. A romantic candlelight dinner in a Paris hotel? Why the heck not?

3. Amenities

When choosing the best place to stay with your escort, you want to think about amenities and the perks that come with your booking. That said, don’t save your pounds for a mediocre motel but choose an elegant, boutique hotel that comes with plenty of extras, such as a swimming pool, a spa centre, a bar and of course, room service.

4. Prepare the Room

Before you arrive at your destination, ensure the room is tailored to your and your escort’s needs. From dimmed lighting, suave music and cosy bedding to showing up to a set dining table- there are many ways to enhance the space for your weekend-long date. Of course, you can make these arrangements in agreement with the hotel staff, and have your bottle of champagne ready to pop upon arrival.

5. Tune in, Tune out  

Tuning in for your travel escort date basically means shifting your entire focus on spending a sublime time together. To truly commit to your date and leisure time, turn off all your gadgets and tech devices, and rediscover the bliss of human connection, all-night conversations and then some!

6. The Great Outside

Just because you have booked a hotel experience for yourself and your escort it doesn’t mean you should spend all your time stuck in the building. Instead, get out, explore fancy dining options or take your escort around town for some sightseeing.

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